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*CartBuddyGPT currently requires chatGPT+ access.
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Built-in Plotting and Visualization

CartBuddyGPT comes with built-in plotting and visualization tools to help you make sense of the data.

How It Works

Step 1: Ask CartBuddyGPT a question

Best rated headphones found by CartBuddyGPT
Begin by posing a question or request to CartBuddyGPT about any product you're interested in finding on Amazon. Whether you're looking for specific item details, price comparisons, or general recommendations, just type in your query and let CartBuddyGPT handle the rest.

Step 2: CartBuddyGPT will respond with a list of products

Table of Best rated headphones found by CartBuddyGPT
CartBuddyGPT quickly processes your request and fetches a comprehensive list of products from Amazon's vast catalog. This list isn't just a simple enumeration; it includes detailed information about each product, such as title, price, customer ratings, and other key attributes, all neatly presented in an easy-to-read format.

Step 3: CartBuddyGPT will help you visualize the data

Best rated headphones analytics by CartBuddyGPT
To aid in your decision-making, CartBuddyGPT goes a step further by offering visual representations of the data. This includes plots showing price comparisons, product ratings, and other relevant attributes. These visual insights provide a clearer understanding of how products compare against each other, making it easier to identify the best options according to your needs and preferences.

Step 4: Expert Recommendations and Further Assistance

Best rated headphones recommendation by CartBuddyGPT
Based on the analyzed data, CartBuddyGPT will offer expert recommendations, guiding you towards the product that best fits your criteria. Additionally, if you need more information or wish to explore different aspects of the products, CartBuddyGPT is ready to assist with additional plots, detailed explorations, or any further queries you may have.
With CartBuddyGPT, shopping on Amazon becomes a streamlined, informative, and enjoyable experience, tailored to meet your specific shopping needs.

Not convinced? Take a look at these previous examples of CartBuddyGPT in action:

Finding a high-quality yoga mat with fast shipping

CartBuddyGPT Yoga Mats Conversation
In this example, we ask CartBuddyGPT to find the me a high-quality yoga mat with fast shipping. CartBuddyGPT quickly returns a list of yoga mats, along with detailed information about each one. CartBuddyGPT also provides a plot showing the price of each yoga mat versus rating, allowing us to easily compare the prices of the different yoga mats.

Compare the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

CartBuddyGPT iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Conversation
GPT In our comparison of the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, we focused on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Here's a summary of the steps we took:
  1. Data Retrieval: Gathered data for three listings each of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from Amazon, including details on prices, storage capacities, colors, and Amazon links.
  2. Data Organization: Organized the information into two datasets, one for each phone model.
  3. Plotting the Comparison: Created a scatter plot to visually compare the models based on their storage capacities and prices, with iPhone models in blue and Samsung models in red.
  4. Analysis and Observations: Observed that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models are generally more affordable than the iPhone 14 Pro Max models, with clear price differences across various storage options.
This process allowed for a straightforward and visual comparison of the latest models from Apple and Samsung, focusing on price and storage capacity variations.
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